Welcome to the Internetometer. The goal of this online game is to provide a scientifically accurate* measurement of how much you win at life. The theme stems from the phrase "You win the internet."

Why does one need to know how much they win at life? Well, who doesn't want to find out how awesome they are? Seriously, how many people tell themselves, "I don't want to know how awesome I am?" Zero, that's how many.

The way that the internetometer works is simple: After joining, simply log in and you will be presented with two images. Simply place one or both of the meters in your signature on message boards, on your web site, or anywhere you'd like. The more people that you get to click on that image, the more internets you win.

So, are you cool and/or hot enough to make it into the list of top users? Sign up today and find out!

*Measurements are neither scientific nor accurate. In fact, they're barely measurements at all.
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